Quantum takes traffic reporting to new heights



MALAYSIA: Having recently introduced aerial traffic reporting in the Malaysian capital for the first time, Star Media Radio Group (SMRG), in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Police, is relying on Quantum devices from Prodys to broadcast from a height of between 500m and 600m. The Quantum is taken up in SMRG’s ‘Eye in the Sky’ helicopter during rush hour and is required to transmit back to the studio with ‘crystal clear audio quality with minimal sound from the rotor blades’. The equipment was supplied through Prodys’ Malaysian distributor, JAA Systems.

Prior to its selection, the device was tested at various heights with different compression algorithms. The trial was reported to be a success and both listeners and Star Radio personnel were said to be impressed with the audio quality being broadcast from the helicopter. ‘The noise level inside a helicopter is generally inaudible, hence all passengers must communicate using the internal headset intercom system,’ said Engr Azhar, project director of JAA Systems Sdn Bhd. ‘However, by using Prodys’ Quantum portable IP audio codec with its superb audio compression and high quality 3G/4G wireless transmission, the audio is clean with good vocal quality.

The broadcaster opted to invest in a pair of Quantum devices following the successful tests which have enabled it to fly four times a week and during all festive seasons with nationwide traffic reporting. ‘We are amazed with Prodys’ Quantum performance,’ said Anuar Khan Abu Bakar, engineering manager of Star Media Radio Group. ‘Initially, there were a lot of doubts of whether we could actually broadcast live from a helicopter and transmit back to studio while maintaining good broadcast audio quality. Once tested, there was no turning back. It is a wonderful device! I’d like to thank JAA Systems for the great support.’

‘We would like to thank Star Media Radio Group for the opportunity to test Prodys’s Quantum inside the helicopter,’ furthered Mr Azhar. ‘Doubts were high from the beginning of whether Quantum could deliver good results from such heights and if the presenter could clearly communicate despite the high noise level in the aircraft. But now we know Prodys’ Quantum can deliver a good audio feed in such circumstances.’

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