Cats FM gets an upgrade from JAA.S.


MALAYSIA: Cats FM has received an upgrade after JAA Systems (JAA.S.) was appointed to update the company’s systems and refurbish its cabling. JAA.S. supplied a new Klotz’s Graphite One digital audio mixer for the on-air facility and provided an Enco radio automation system for each of the company’s studios. JAA.S .also completed re-cabling and integration of the on-air, back-up, production, edit and MCR spaces. The project took 15 days.

JAA.S. described the difficulties that had to be overcome during the assignment. ‘It was challenging for us. We had to fully utilise our resources and staff. As Cats FM is a famous radio station in Sarawak, and they broadcast live every day, we had to ensure our work wouldn’t interrupt the transmission,’ stated David Chan, general manager of JAA.S. ‘Another big challenge was moving from one system to another. It takes time for all operators to have a good grasp of the new radio automation system. We are proud of Cats FM operators and DJs for their patience and hard work to learn the new system. I would like to personally thank Hj Iskander Nawawi and Johnny Anak Mahi, manager of Cats FM, for their trust in us.’

Cats FM also expressed positivity toward the recent refurbishment. ‘It was not a straightforward job, especially when we had to go live during the update,’ explained Mr Nawawi, CEO. ‘Thankfully, JAA.S. was able to upgrade the systems without much of a problem. Overall I am very happy and satisfied with the work done by Dave and his team.’

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