First TouchStone controller


Fully configurable tactile Multi-Touchscreen controller for flexible control and feedback. The TouchStone controller is a fully configurable universal controller. The surface layout supports flexible and tactile control for safe and easy operation. Learn More 

Graphite One On-Air Radio Consoles

Graphite on table

Graphite One On-Air consoles are equipped with 21 inputs (including 4 additional AES inputs on an optional plug-in card), 4 main buses and 9 outputs. The consoles can be controlled by either 6 or 12 fader positions – each fitted with A/B channel switch -, and offer a sophisticated monitoring and talk-back unit. Learn More 

Graphite Two Production and On-Air Consoles


Graphite Two consoles are extremely versatile as they can be configured either as stand-alone or as networking consoles. The fully modular design allows configuring mixing consoles from 8 to 32 faders – up to 640 input and 640 output channels. Many features can be programmed individually by the customer such as monitor feeds, GPIs and GPOs, sources and busses and logic commands. Learn More 

Graphite mr2 radio broadcast system – two consoles, one network, half the price


mr2 is a new modular design concept for multi-room broadcast facilities. mr2 simplifies broadcast by combining 2 studios, typically On-Air and Production on a single processing engine. mr2 systems are highly scaleable and can be used for single frequency stations, mid sized radio broadcast clusters and larger networks. Learn More 

DC 3 Broadcast and Production Console – Smart Radio ready!


First radio console to combine traditional radio production with visual content, social media and internet content, and control of third party equipment in one single unit. Learn More 

G2 audio engine and router frame


The G2 audio engine hosts a DSP farm powerful enough for 32 equalizers, 32 dynamics, up to 256 mixing channels and a 64 x 64 mix minus matrix. 21 plug-in positions can be equipped with analogue and digital interface cards, fiber optic transceivers and MADI cards. Audio-over-IP interface cards for DANTE-protocol (trademark registered for Audinate Pty Ltd) and Ethernet AVB will be available shortly. Learn More 

Broadcast Productivity Suite – the largest suite of apps for radio


Broadcast Productivity Suite has been designed to simplify operational requirements of today’s broadcasters. Learn More 

KLOTZ Digital Conference Systems – the perfect choice for every conference


Globalization brought lots of new demands to modern conferences like the elimination of language barriers. Nowadays, even small company meetings often have to over-come language barriers and use professional simultaneous translation services. Apart from that there are also large international summits with attendees from all around the world and where important topics have to be discussed, translated and agreed about under high pressure of time. Learn More 

DABS Digital Audio Backbone System


DABS is a fiber optic audio transmission system targeting live-music applications available for an extremely competitive budget. High quality analogue inputs with high resolution and adjustable input headroom can be controlled manually on stage. Analogue outputs can be connected to any mixing console regardless if consoles have analogue or digital signal processing. Fully synchronous fiber optic transmission guarantees for lowest hence simultaneous latency for all audio channels. Learn More