For a totally custom built approach to digital audio processing, the C8000 modular system offers a wide range of hardware options including frames, I/O cards and processing cards that can be mixed and matched to create a unique solution for managing loudness and dynamics along with comprehensive Dolby® support. The concept behind the C8000 modular system is total flexibility and adaptability for all digital audio processing applications. Choose a frame and then select only the modules with the required functionality to create a truly bespoke system.

C8000 Frames

This section provides information about the system frames available. These frame differentiate in their physical and logical capacity. All frames are 19” based on the DIN 41494 standard and include 1RU and 3Ru options with card installation from the front, rear or both, providing up to 76HP of card capacity. Audio transport is via up to four independently isolated backplane busses. Construction is from all aluminium side panels and cross members with 0.8mm steel covers for effective RF screening.

Control & Sync

This section provides information about vital system elements to syncronize the system or to establish network connectivity for a web based configuration tool.

SDI Interfacing Applications

This MODULAR LINE’s SDI Interface board allows you to access and to modify all embedded audio channels on a SDI stream. It supports e.g. SDI (3G/HD/SD) – Embedding / deembedding, SDI audio group handling, Video delay to compensate audio processing latency and VANC metadata handling.

Audio Processing Applications

The modular line’s audio DSP boards offer individual audio processing solutions for al kinds of applications like – Loudness processing – Fail over / voice over – Upmix / downmix – Mixing – Delay

Configurable Applications

The modular line’s audio analog and digital audio interface boards gives you a free choice of I/O configurations to meet your individual requirement. – Analog audio interfaces – Digital audio interfaces – Micophone interfaces – MADI interfaces

Dolby® Applications

The modular line’s Dolby® processing boards offer encoding and decoding capabilities for the following Dolby® formats: • Dolby® E • Dolby® D • Dolby® D+ • Dolby® Pro Logic II