Maximum performance, Minimum footprint. When rack space is limited, our SLIM LINE range of digital audio processors give you all the power you need from studio voice conditioning through to final broadcast playout. Whether you need comprehensive dynamics and loudness management, or a “build it yourself” modular software solution, we have the answer in our versatile 4 or 8 channel units.

Loudness Management Applications

Take full control of your loudness with the audibly transparent Level Magic™ algorithm. Class leading intuitive and adaptive loudness processing in stereo or surround, for television and radio broadcast applications.

Monitoring Management Applications

For truly comprehensive audio monitoring, audition your stereo or surround mix, check compliance with relevant loudness standards and verify critical metadata parameters to ensure that the audio you deliver always reaches its maximum potential.

Codec Applications

Decode, encode or transcode audio from or to any Dolby format and at the same time, manage, generate or emulate all metadata parameters. Need a replacement for any of the legacy Dolby hardware processors? We have it!

Voice Processing Applications

Voice processing applications are the ultimate task for processing hardware as it requires a balance between natural sound and the required degree of individual EQ correction and compression to meet the requirements of your target media.

Configurable Applications

Need even more flexibility? Choose either a 4 or 8 channel base unit with true peak limiting, and then select from a range of optional processes and licences including loudness, dynamics, EQ, upmix/downmix, failover, voiceover and FM transmission conditioning.

Remote Control Applications

Jünger Audio’s Remote Control Solutions are the tool of choice for users preferring hands-on control instead of web-based interfaces. It may control a single device or a group of different devices accommodating any infrastructure requirements.